Friday, April 18, 2014

REPOST: Easter Canvas tutorial


Hello! Okay, my camera had some issues, or my computer. I lost a lot of photos. But we are not going to panic. You don't need all the photos for this simple tutorial.  (if you need more photos, you can refer to myValentine's Canvas tutorial. Very similar projects.)

Darling. Frugal. About 1 hour of your time. 

I know Easter is this weekend, but I am going to leave it up for spring. 

All you need is a 16 x 20 canvas. Hobby Lobby or Walmart. Then a 16x20 piece of fabric. I went all springy on mine. Love it. But would love to see someone do it in a more modern print too... Mod Podge, your fabric to the canvas. Press out bubbles.

Print out these link 1  link 2  files on regular 8.5 x 11 paper. Tape them together at the notch (you will see what I mean). Using the bunny template and white wool felt, cut the bunny out. I found that cutting it with a small blade rotary cutter was the way to go with this project.

Then I just used spray adhesive and placed it on the almost dry mod podge fabric layer.

The nice thing about these canvases is they are super light. You can prop them just about anywhere without nail holes. Just a fun spring touch.  Hope you make one too!

And one more bit of spring decor. I lined the back of my hutch with Michael Miller Pillow and Maxfield fabric. So bright! I am going to bring lots of these bright colors into my living room this year. Hope you like!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WIP's and deadlines...

Heather here, It is one of those days when my brain is constantly bothering me with all I have to do, and this is just today:
Walk with friend
Blog post
2 soccer practice
Church  youth groups
Fed Ex store
Post office
Laundry (at least 3 loads)
Run Weston's hand me downs to a neighbor
Phone calls
work on quilt deadlines...
I don't know what to cut out!
I am sure my brain didn't remember all...

What I really need to work on is this fun project. Linen. Lace. Lecien. Love. 

After I knock out a few obligations, I am only going to work on projects I have started, or kid room projects. I feel like I am not balancing all my crafting properly. 

I found these untrimmed HST's in my craft room. Is supposed to be a quilt for Westons room. Over a year ago I started. I have so many projects like this. I just need to get caught up!

Remember a few more of my WIP's...

Man, this post didn't help my stress levels!

I vow that you will see a lot of these getting finished in the next few months!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fabric Tuesday, come post with us!

Fabric Tuesday! It is that morning to link up your projects. Again I haven't snuck in much quilting. But I love seeing yours! Gets my brain working on my next project (even though I promised myself to work on my WIP's first) Anyhow, this is what caught my eye last week...

Finished mini from Learning Curve Crafts. Amazing quilting!
Sew Giving finished this quilt. Love the soft colors. Pretty! Also, her pool...

This fun quilt finish from Tanya Quilts. The quilting really pops!

One wee bird. Love the whole thing! Bright, happy, flying geese~!

Simple and sweet quilt from Thats so Julie. Just great!

Union jack 1 pm
 Because it is so cute! And because of the Union Jack. Love! from Leigh Laurel Studios...